SOLD. What must it have been like, those last hours of Amelia Earhart's life? By nature, not a worrier, and with years of training and experience, she was one of the most accomplished pilots of the era of early aviation. Still, she was still going to go down. Out of communication, running out of fuel, she used every iota of her knowledge to fathom the best way to manage the situation. She was living and trying until her last breath.


This quilt, made of vintage French linen scraps, what I have available to me, uses mapping colors, and other references to mapping conventions and tools to evoke the thoughts of feelings of this remarkable woman as she endeavored to survive an inevitable crash.


The size is small, like a crib blanket. Besides my embroidery, I thought about the Gees Bend style of quilting (using what scraps they could gather), which is less "perfect" and aligned than many other American quilts.

"Amelia" quilt