• Emily Conyngham

Comment Allez -Vous?

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

The warm weather is lingering this year. Here in Monpazier, Thursday morning is market day, and the village is still bustling with visitors. Slow enough still that I can build my website from a velvet armchair (for sale, bien sûr,) in the middle of the street where the library's wifi is fairly consistent. Change is coming though: knee-high mist swathes morning fields. The tropical smell of figs rotting underfoot, and the thwt of falling plums enrich the bucolic scene. Time moves along.

You never know how things will evolve and morph, but it's my intention to show up here regularly to share with you the new vintage items populating the boutique, the creative projects underway. I'd also like to introduce you to the people I meet in my little corner of southwest France.

Underlying what I carry in the boutique, create in my atelier, or find in my encounters, is my philosophy that one chooses to find and see the loveliness in things, people, and situations. This has developed from life experience - it takes focus.

Comment Allez -Vous, literally translated to English, means, "how do you go?" Comment Allez -Vous? I hope you go with grace, humor, and delight. Stop by, sign up below, and we'll see what loveliness, what charme, we can find together.

Student copy of Three Graces by Regnault in the Louvre
The Three Graces - Maillard

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